Sleeping while you’re pregnant isn’t that easy! A couple of nights your back really hurts. The other night it’s your hips. Leg cramps are something else to manage! You may get up with serious neck aches. In case you’re a stomach sleeper, suddenly you cannot sleep in that position any longer. The same applies if you’re a back sleeper – you would prefer not to be sleeping on your back when you’re pregnant.

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Pregnancy body pillows are of great help to all this. With the pillow placed to support your back, sciatica and lower back pains are prevented. When you tuck the one end between your legs, your spine maintains the right alignment, helping you shun back pains. With the snoogle beside you, you have support to lay on your side and it additionally helps you abstain from laying on your back or stomach while sleeping.
If you sleep facing the pillow, it supports your tummy and provides for you support in that way. Some women like to give extra prop to their head with the snoogle pregnancy pillow to help them inhale better and to prevent acid re-flux. Others adore utilizing this pillow when sitting while they read or watch television since it gives such incredible hip and back support when utilized in this posture.There are several pregnancy pillows available but it’s upon you to choose the right one for you.well, if you browse online you will notice the best brand for pregnancy pillow is boppy and Leachco, and in this article, you can find the pro and cons about these two top brands.


Leachco Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow

Is full body pillow that’s exceptionally intended to take after the contours of your entire body. The horseshoe-shaped upper segment of the pillow supports your head and may be bent in or out to adjust in accordance with the desired pillow length. The long midsection of the Snoogle helps your back and tummy. The marginally bent end tucks snugly between your knees to help keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night.
Product features-Elevates baby to the proper height when breastfeeding-Provides the back and tummy support you need during pregnancy.


  • 100% High Polyester Fiber
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Able to conform to natural body shape
  • No need of other pillows for support
  • Provides complete support for back, hips and tummy
  • Preserves natural body heat
  • Great help for stomach sleepers
  • Comfortable
  • Helps you not wake up from tossing and turning
  • Strong seams
  • Great help for back sleepers-Easy to use
  • Good support


  • Can be a challenge to turn over in bed /change position
  • A bit thick to adjust-The cover it comes with is not that soft
  • recommend getting a jersey cover
  • Can take time to get used to

Firm during early use Leachco snoogle pillow isn’t just for pregnancy:

  1. 1.Use it to support your baby when nursing
  2. 2.Loop it around for support when you’e a cold so that can breathe easily
  3. 3.Suggested to some people by their gastro to help with chronic GERD.
  4. 4.The perfect pillow for post total knee patients
  5. 5.Great for an individual who has had a back surgery or a bad back
  6. 6.Husbands have been known to borrow to take a nap!

Boppy Body Pillow

Made with a physical specialist to help you rest comfortably all around your pregnancy, this personable three-piece body pillow underpins your individual body shape and phase of pregnancy. Utilize every one of the three pieces together for full body support, or select the head to neck support, stomach and back support, or hip, leg, and lower leg support. All pieces are machine-washable for simple care. -Made with a physical therapist-Three separate cushions give tweaked support-Join into one cushion or use separately-Back cushion enhances side-sleeping-Leg cushion cut downs sure.-All pieces are machine-washable
Product Features:–Three-piece design allows custom support.-Removable cover offers easy cleaning

Pros -Very effective when contouring and supporting full body-Stitched channel makes the fing firm-100% soft pima cotton-Easily folded to different positions-Machine- washable hence cleaning is easy

Cons-Does not offer patented design-Little costlier than Snoogle-A bit smaller in size -Short in the crotch area hence low tummy support-Easily flattens loosing it fleeciness-Bulky and occupies large space-Not properly filled up-Fabric is rough and itchy-Shows traces of chemical odor
These are the top pregnancy pillow brands on the market today, and I am very certain you’ve made your choice based on the above review. They are the best but you’ll always find one having a greater weight over the other. I would recommend Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow.

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