Are You Suffering On Your Night Sleep?

As pregnant women these are few difficulties that may occur on your night sleep:

  •   restless leg syndrome (an almost irresistible urge to move the legs that usually occurs during the last trimester and disappears soon after delivery)
  • pressure on the sciatica nerve
  • symphysis pubis dysfunction or SPD (occurs when there’s a lengthening of the ligaments in the pelvic joints and surrounding muscles)

Sleeping during pregnancy can be a challenge. As you all knew, the only solution is getting enough support on your body with the right places. That’s why some of us used more than 3 to 5 pillows to get it right.

BUT, using a normal shape pillow will not evenly help you at all time.

That’s why, you need a specifically design pillow for your night. Or in general call, you need a maternity pregnancy body pillow.

ImageNameColor AvailableAmazon RatingTotal Cust Reviewed
Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillowwhite, brown4.3 of 5.01,922 cust. reviews
Leachco Back 'N Belly Contoured Body Pillowtea, ivory4.2 of 5.01,242 cust. reviews
Oversized - Total Body Pregnancy Pillow- Full Support-4.1 of 5.042 cust. reviews
Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeperwhite dot, brown3.8 of 5.0276 cust. reviews
Today's Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillowalmond, espresso, sky blue, white4.1 of 5.0554 cust. reviews
Snoogle Chic Jersey - Snoogle Replacement Cover with Zipper for Easy Usegray, sand, teal, charcoal gray4.4 of 5.0164 cust. reviews
Leachco Preggle Comfort Air-Flow Body Pillowivory,khaki4.2 of 5.0133 cust. reviews
Comfort U Body Support Pillow-4.3 of 5.0353 cust. reviews
Leachco Snoogle Loop Contoured Fit Body Pillow, Ivory-4.2 of 5.0165 cust. reviews
Snoozer Dream Weaver Full Body Pillow-4.2 of 5.0149 cust. reviews

But, which one brand or shape of pregnancy pillow works the best?

Well, it’s my responsible to help you.


This website ( is dedicated to help you choose the best shape of pregnancy pillow. The recommendations not just come with the right pillow shape and size but also the criteria of pillow itself.Pregnancy-Massage

You’re Sleeping For Two Now!!

With the right pillow while sleeping is important, so you feel rejuvenated. Quality sleeping during pregnancy has also been linked to better immune function, decreased inflammation, easier labor and delivery, decreased necessity for cesarean sections, improved nutrient flow to the baby, uterus, and kidneys, and decreased postpartum depression and of course will help you overtake back pain during early pregnancy

Position Yourself For a Good Night’s Sleep

The good news – especially for all you side sleepers out there – is that how you position yourself to sleep can make a difference. The best way to sleep when you’re pregnant, according to the American Pregnancy Association, is on your side or SOS (sleep on side). And, even better, is sleeping on your left side because it can increase the blood and nutrients to the placenta, and therefore, your baby.
For example, insomnia affects almost 80% of pregnant women. Fortunately, it’s not harmful to the baby (I would’ve slept better knowing that).

How to Choose The Best Body Pillow Pregnancy

By reading this you will know that Leachco with a Snoogle would be the best product that will help you!!!
So, how tough it is to decide which one works the best that can help you sleep better and reduce back pain during pregnancy?

Its not hard at all I think. This is why?

Factor 1

Just review what others have to say. Of course right, we’re not the only one who suffer on night sleep and even better they already buy it and leave some pretty good testimonial about it. So basically, just believe them and relate their same problem with us.
In today’s world, the 3 Top Most Used Brand to choose pregnancy pillow is Leachco Snoogle. Todays Mom Cozy Comfort and Boppy Total Body Pregnancy Pillow. But which one?
Just look here, at baby center product review. See how grateful there are about Leachco brand.
If you notice a screen shot above where, it rate as #1Best Seller product in Amazon of the Maternity Pillows with more than 1900 honest review about it, and rate more than 4.3 of 5 star at Amazon. With 1900 honest rate it not just a couple of triple the competing brand like Boppy and Todays Mom, but more than 5 times better rate than the others.

Before we review some of real testimony, spend your time for awhile to watch this presentation video, talks about Leachco product

Click here to GRAB Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

Let us review what others said about this product:

This body pillow is really long. I am 5 foot 11 inches and this pillow fits great. It was more useful to me early in my pregnancy. Now that I am father along and really showing I find I do not use it as much for side support. I love the top head support. I put my existing pillow in it and find the higher elevation of the head to be helpful. I am constantly switching sides throughout the night so I do not always use the rest of the pillow but when I want to it is a great fit.

This is a great body pillow. What I wish I could change about it:

– it would be nice if the ends were thicker or firmer. Perhaps I just like more head support.
– it’s expensive
– it’s bulky

Seriously, they need to make it with a zipper or something. Pregnancy hormones + maternity pillow case = someone’s gonna pay.

Otherwise, it’s great.

good testi 2

My wife and I are having our first children (twins) and I was looking for something to make her more comfortable when she slept. After a week of using this pillow, my wife has slept much better. She doesn’t wake up or turn as much in her sleep and she doesn’t get back pain anymore. This pillow is big but it doesnt take up too much room in a queen size bed, there is still plenty of room for me to sleep. I would recommend this pillow to any mother-to-be or at least to their husband to get them one.

good testi 3

I love this product so much, I decided to write my first ever review. I’ve had this pillow for about 6 weeks now, since I was 25 weeks along in my pregnancy, and it has helped so much with my quality of sleep. I’m 5’10” and this pillow fits me great. It’s firm and wraps perfectly around my body while I sleep. The pillow prevents you from rolling over on your back while your sleeping and gives great support between your legs so your hips won’t hurt so much in the morning. If you are pregnant, I highly recommend this product or a product similar to this one. You will sleep so much better.

Factor 2

It supports my leg (between the knees) and my head at the same time (keeps my arm from going to sleep from laying on my side). As i switch sides at night I leave the pillow where it is so sometimes its supporting my belly and others its supporting my back.

Factor 3

It washable.
The last thing we may consider is, even though that particular pillow cannot do this. I will believe you will buy it as long as it can help you out on our factor 2, because that is the only reason you want it right.
But of course, great product doesn’t come with this tiny reason why they not make it washable too, right?

So, there you go. Just easy and simple how to choose them.
By the way, yes Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow its washable, plus it come with case cover.